Novator Company specialists have worked in aerial spraying for more than fifteen years. This type of work is accomplished with ultra-low volume (ULV) small drop spraying system VDD-1-2000-SP (ВДД-1-2000-СП) designed by our company engineers and certified by the PANH Research Institute for use on SP-30, CH-701 and other similar ultralight aircrafts.

The distinctive features of the spraying system are:

  • uniform distribution of the spraying material across the swath width, verified and approved by the Institute of Aviation in Agriculture (PANH)
  • advanced sprayers are fit for all types of pesticides and organic fertilizers (humates): the sprayers will not clog up regardless of the viscosity of the spraying material
  • our system (unlike other small-volume spraying systems) offers an opportunity to apply materials with imidacloprid as an active (ingredient) (like Imidor) while preventing the spraying material from thickening or crystallizing
  • the system is made from chemically stable materials which enable application of any substance without being dissolved or covered in salt deposits
  • the cutting edge aircraft navigational equipment allows for any type of aerial spraying (from herbicide application to crop desiccation) with consistently high quality

All these characteristics together with continuous quality control let us meet our customers’ demands with highest performance and timeliness of aerial application.