Hydraulic Front Strut

The hydraulic front strut is installed in the same standard places without additional modifications and has a number of advantages. The rack works like a car rack, i.e. when moving, it not only contracts and expands, but also dampens vibrations. Movement on any uneven ground surface becomes much smoother and more comfortable, which in turn has a positive effect on the components and assemblies of the airframe. On landing, even with a rough lowering of the front wheel, the impact is not felt, everything happens very smoothly. During its work, the stand does not emit any unnecessary sounds and knocks. After the season (this is about 400 hours and more than 1000 take-offs / landings), the rack does not require additional maintenance, no extra backlashes appear.


The windshield is molded, made of imported plexiglass 4 mm thick. This glazing has several advantages over the standard one. It is more resistant to mechanical and chemical influences.

The glass is not curved, but has flat edges, so there is no distortion or glare on its surface.

The glass installation method is the same as for the standard one. We ourselves are operators and therefore, all our developments are, in our opinion, necessary to ensure good working conditions for flight personnel.

Equipment for Aeroseeding

The apparatus for aerial sowing of small-seeded oilseeds such as mustard, camelina, rapeseed and alfalfa CA-34 is suspended. Equipment bunkers are suspended under the wings of the aircraft on special brackets. The capacity of each hopper is 70 liters. This equipment, while observing the aero seeding technology, allows evenly sowing from 300 hectares per day. In 2015, our company produced more than 12 thousand hectares of aero seeding. The most interesting is the experience of repairing thinned winter crops. Sowing was carried out directly for winter crops and as a result the customer received a binary sowing. What is noteworthy: there were practically no weeds in such fields, except for those places where there were gullies, no chemical weeding was carried out. Essential oils of oilseeds, in turn, scared away the pest from wheat. Therefore, treatment with poisons was also not carried out. Of course, everything depends on the prevailing conditions. But as a result, customers received a profit in the form of 3rd class grain and oilseeds and, savings on additional processing.

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