To perform aerial work and maintain a high quality of services provided, our company uses the following aircraft and equipment for them:

The aircraft fleet consists of multipurpose aircraft of the SP-30 series, the assembly kits of which are manufactured at the Design Bureau “Spectr-Aero”, the city of Taganrog.

To carry out aviation chemical works, we manufacture and use attachments for ultra-low-volume small-drop spraying – VDD-1-2000 SP. The equipment is designed taking into account the specific aerodynamic characteristics of the SP-30 aircraft, which provides a wide grip and high uniformity when applying plant protection products.

Aeroseeding of small-seeded oilseeds is carried out with the help of our equipment for aeroseeding – CA-34. Also, using this equipment, you can carry out mass deratization of fields using grain treated with biological products or insecticides against rodents.

When solving geological problems, aircraft are equipped with additional containers to accommodate the sensors of the magnetometer and gamma spectrometer. Scintrex CS-3, CB-3, CS-L cesium magnetometric sensors and RSX-4, RSX-5 gamma spectrometers have proven themselves very successfully.

When using multiple sensors of the magnetometer, both vertical and horizontal gradiometer schemes can be used.

Additionally, to improve the comfort and safety of flights, we produce hydraulic front struts and windshields for SP-30 aircraft with a Rotax 912 engine.

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